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Danish and Spanish tasty words

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Some days ago the Comunica translator team  had to find the exact words for translating a menu. How can we explain a typical Spanish recipe in Danish or English?

Some special dishes from the regional kitchen cannot be translated, they would not only lose sense, but also the taste.

Examples: vol au vent. French, right? In a Spanish menu, you can find this word Salsa Mariscal. Ok, there is no translation. If we want, we can find a word for explaining  mariscal is a member of the military jerarchy. But what do you think? should we translate this recipe? “Marske sovs” into Danish, or “Marshal Sauce” into English? The sauce loses all the taste, do you not think so?


If you have clicked on the link, you probably have enjoyed the beautiful narration about Noma and Geranium, two representative restaurants in Copenhagen. Yes, there is no doubt about it: Nordic chefs control perfectly well the European cook scene. It is probably  time to orientate your own menu, in case you own a restaurant, to a Nordic audience. Contact  the Comunica Translator Team. You will improve your business and maybe your life!


Author: comunicavox is the Translation Agency in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover how we build relationships between different cultures through our work in cultural support.

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