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On the road again

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Dear friends,

In a previous post, you watched a video about Noma and Geranium, both famous restaurants in Copenhagen.


If you read our last post you also know that we were offering  the option of improving the impact of your own texts, by means of  a simple translation in a Nordic language.

Now simply let us entertain you.

We want to show you  Spain on the road again

We like it. What about you? Is this the kind of trip you would like to do? Did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow speaks Spanish?

It is not a secret that to enjoy any trip, you must learn the language of your desired destination. Well, must. You should.

If not, how would you be able to understand a menu in a Spanish restaurant or ask for one kilo of fresh apples in Mercado de San Antón, Madrid, or simply speak with the person sitting at the table next to you?

Watch Spain on the road again in search of inspiration for your next weekend and drop us a line when you need help with your ambitions. We will be looking forward to help you.


Author: comunicavox is the Translation Agency in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover how we build relationships between different cultures through our work in cultural support.

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