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Dear friends:


Did you know..? The spanish slang word GUAY is five hundred years old. Amazing! According with Muy interesante magazine, “guay” hold three diferent meanings:

Modern times:

-“una cosa es guay si es sorprendente y positiva” = ” a cool thing ”

-“una persona va de guay” = “a pretencious person”

Old times (as it appears in “La Celestina”, spanish novel written by writer Fernando de Rojas, 1499):

-“¡Guay!=¡Ay! e.g. “guay de mí”=”pobre de mí”

“Guay” takes the modern meaning from the word “gay” =”joyful”.

Surprised? We hope so…

COMUNICA  is also a translation agency that spesializes in the Scandinavian languages.
As a foreigner in another country it can be difficult to understand not only the language, but also the culture. We provide professional interpreting services along Costa del Sol.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Author: comunicavox is the Translation Agency in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover how we build relationships between different cultures through our work in cultural support.

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