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ES: Traductores de lo imposible

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Tenemos dos curiosidades. We have two funny sites. Una, desde Ghetto Translations  (En Twitter como @UrbanEnglish)

Note: Do not use these words for writting e-mails at your office or meeting your partner´s parents.  (No emplees estas expresiones para redactar e-mails en la oficina o para escribir a los padres de tu novio).

“eyechyall” = I will see you at a later date.

“2ma” = Tomorrow.

“Whatchu trynna get into?” = What are your plans for today that may possibly involve me?

“You gon pop off?!” = “Are you going to initiate a physical altercation with someone who is causing an issue?!

“Eskume” = Excuse me.

“I’ll letchu know” = You probably won’t be hearing from me.

Y para curiosos de Internet Slang, mira aquí: Internet Slang.



Author: comunicavox is the Translation Agency in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover how we build relationships between different cultures through our work in cultural support.

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