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EN: Introducing the band


CAM00344 (1)La Feria de los Pueblos de Fuengirola. Norway. What is your name, dear group?

The first day, just  when La Feria de los Pueblos started, the music group of the picture was playing intense and sentimental songs, inside of the friendly and warm Norwegian “House”.

It makes no sense to tell you now about this alive concert, since you can not enjoy it. La Feria is over.

My opinion may be not clear enough or interesting enough to be published. Somehow I felt that the singer was the owner of an amazing talent, the same as the rest of the musicians in the group. But this is not material to build a review.

The main problem, and you will agree with me, is that I do not know even the name of the group. My fault.

I would like to use the power of social media to find out their name, at least.

If you recognize the group in the picture, do not hesitate in writting a comment or send an e-mail. It would be very much appreciated. If it happens that you meet them in a concert, follow my suggestion: stay for a while, probably you will not be dissapointed.

I have mentioned that the norwegian “house” was friendly and warm. I keep this opinion. I will just add,  thank very much to the  journalist Arne Bjørndal, for your  help and support., the languages center with a nordic heart, under the light of Coast of the Sun.

We are looking forward to hear from you!


Author: comunicavox is the Translation Agency in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover how we build relationships between different cultures through our work in cultural support.

2 thoughts on “EN: Introducing the band

  1. Thanks for the comments! We love the Feria and the band playing; Aventura Bluesband. The guy to get in contact with is norwegian, Trond Høiklev. Try Facebook!
    Arne Bjørndal

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