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EN: Comunica is a  Translation Agency in front of the Mediterranean Sea.  Read how we build relationships between Scandinavian and Spanish cultures through the language and the living culture!

DK: Comunica er en  oversættelsesagency ved Middelhavet.  Læs hvordan de bygger relationer mellem skandinaviske og spanske kulturer gennem sproget og den levende kultur!

SP: Comunica es una agencia de traducción situada en frente del Mar Mediterráneo. Lee en este blog cómo se están construyendo las relaciones culturales entre los distintos idiomas, viajeros, turistas, aventureros, traductores, profesores y alumnos.

¡Hola! Writting this blog is the author of Spadansk.

This is a collective blog, made from the depths of the legendary city of Mijas, where the old mountains and the peaceful mediterranean waters look at us. We writte you right from here, where is placed, 428 meters over the sea.



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